Telford's Protolabs opens new Telford's Prorolabs Launches €16m European 3D centre

Telford’s Protolabs Launches €16m European Additive Manufacturing Centre

Digital production service Protolabs is expanding its manufacturing strength by up

to sixty per cent tall thanks to a €16m ($18m)investment.
Protolabs, a company that has around 450 employees at its UK headquarters in Telford,

Has launched its new European additive manufacturing centre in Putzbrunn

close to Munich,

Delivering a world-class facility that hosts several future-oriented technologies,

highly qualified employees and many sustainable benefits.

The latest expansion means its UK clientele will be able to access more rapid lead times and more than sixty industrial 3D printers offering plastics and metal components through a wide array of 3D printing technologies.
this is perfectly timed,
with more clients in aerospace, electrical, automotive, energy and medical industries aiming to invest following the easing of the lockdown.

“We are very happy about the opening of our new European Additive Manufacturing Center in Putzbrunn and the strategic relevance it will have for our clients in the United Kingdom,” says the company

says Bjoern Klaas, Managing Director and Vice President of Protolabs Europe.

” The new manufacturing plant broadens our capacity and ensures further growth for innovating additive manufacturing technologies in the future,

Our UK customers will enjoy a better range of services and the latest investment

will help us deliver on our promise of providing prototype and low volume production components in just a few days.”

Eco-friendly protolabs

Protolabs has also improved its commitment to eco-friendliness with many sustainable features included in the design of the Putzbrunn facility, enhancing its ISO 14001 accreditation and commitment to resource sustainability while lowering its CO2 impact
This can be seen in its energy use.

By utilizing waste heat utilization and heat recovery, as well as the intelligent coupling of engineering processes, this has been reduced.
The new position reduces noise output to less than 26 dB. also includes charging facilities for hybrid and electric vehicles in its garage and draws on a mixture of green electricity.

“The opening of the 3D printing centre affirms our long-term corporate policy,

which is focused on fast-evolving technologies, rapidly shifting markets, environmental considerations and world-class employees,” further added Klaas.

“In doing so, we want to fulfil our social responsibility, as well as provide unparalleled service through digital manufacturing.

This approach allows our customers to more rapidly design their products, go to market faster, reduce manufacturing costs and achieve a flexible supply chain throughout the entire product lifecycle.”

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