Wayland Additive systems will be distributed by HTL Co Japan.

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Wayland Additive and HTL Co Japan Ltd have struck a collaboration agreement that will see the latter act as a distributor for Wayland Additive NeuBeam metal 3D printers

in Japan,

South Korea, and Taiwan.

HTL Co Japan has considerable experience with a variety of

additive manufacturing (AM) methods,

including metal AM, as well as a prestigious reputation as a

provider of modern manufacturing technology.

Since its inception in 2020 and full launch earlier this year,

Wayland Additive has exhibited substantial R&D and commercial

success with its NeuBeam metal AM technology.

In this aspect, the partnership between the two companies is beneficial in several ways,

and it represents the growing interest in and use of metal AM technology for production

applications across the industry

and around the world.

“It is a tremendous joy to make this news today and to welcome HTL Co Japan

as a strategic partner for Wayland Additive,”

said Will Richardson, CEO of Wayland.

A Stellar Reputation

The reputation of HTL Co Japan speaks for itself,

and we are excited to be working with their team to further

promote and illustrate the major benefits of the NeuBeam process,

which is featured in Wayland’s Calibur3 system.

The promise for commercial applications of electron beam (eBeam) AM technology has long been recognized, but it has been impeded by critical restrictions

that we have overcome with NeuBeam.

We’re excited to bring Calibur3 to a much larger audience in the future,

thanks to our relationship with HTL Co Japan.”
Wayland’s novel NeuBeam technique uses a unique and proprietary charge neutralization

capability to dramatically increase the stability of the existing eBeam metal AM process.


the NeuBeam process provides substantially more flexibility and

metallurgical possibilities for the manufacturing of metal components.

“We are thrilled to agree on this relationship with Wayland Additive and to provide Calibur3 to

our consumers in Japan,

South Korea, and Taiwan,”

said A.K. Acharya, President of HTL Co Japan Ltd.

The sophisticated capabilities of NeuBeam, as well as the Wayland Additive team,

have left us quite impressed.

The timing of this deal has been favourably appreciated,

as Calibur3 will be unveiled in Japan for the first time this week at the ‘Metal Japan’ trade expo.

We’re having a great year in 2021,

and we expect that to continue in 2022 with

Wayland and Calibur3.”

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