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Print the Rainbow: Dabble 3D filament review

Dabble 3D  recently approached 3D-PT to review their new line of PLA filaments. As a startup company, Dabble is claiming their edge on the filament market  by producing filaments in a wide range of colors. How wide you may ask? Dabble sent me a generous 40 color sample pack!

IMG 0411
40 color sample pack from Dabble 3D!

When I got the sample pack my first impression was good. The samples were all individually bundled, and the range of colors in the pack were a great mix of complementary shades, glow in the dark’s  and transparent colors.

The filament was 1.75 mm, which they plan to use in conjunction with their upcoming 3 color delta printer (3D-PT will build and test the printer in a future blog). The filament has different hues that can make your dual color prints pop visually.

IMG 0436
A mix of fidgets!

I decided to test this cornucopia of color by 3D printing fidgets for an upcoming Autsim community event.

Dabble 3D filament was a solid printing filament on my Taz 5 it printed smoothly.

IMG 0424
3D-PT name tag in 6 colors.

For my first test I made myself a name tag for social events. After whipping it out in TinkerCAD and a couple of trials, I was able to print a 6 color name tag.

My next test was for a new batch of fidgets for my

. For these fidgets I tested the range of color shades together to see how they compare.

The bronze and gold color produced a warm honey colored fidget. The bronze did lighten a bit from the original filament, but when I tried to take I pic it would not show the difference.

IMG 0442
Bronze and gold colors

The green range of colors went from translucent glow in the dark lime to opaque neon green. For fans of the color green, there is a wider range of shades for your prints than ever before.

IMG 0430
4 shades of green!

I have not seen many magenta colored filaments, so I was happy with how the subtitle shades appeared in both translucent and opaque. Purple was another surprise, as other companies like Colorfabb  have only released some shades of lavender. The dark purple filament does provide a rich color for gift prints.

IMG 0438
Magenta through purple filaments.

In the short time I’ve had to test Dabble 3D filament, I found that it’s a great way to add more color to your prints. Artist and cos players may find the shades they want to print their props in the color they want, which can save processing time .

The filament printed well with minimal stringing in tight areas. A couple of the filament colors did lighten slightly from the original filament color during printing, but it was minimal.

Overall Dabble 3D is a company to watch for artistic multicolored filaments.

3D -PT will be testing their new 3 color in 1 head X2 delta printer soon, so please check back for the build video and review.

As a bonus to readers, Dabble 3D is offering a coupon for 3dprinterchat readers!

Use coupon code 3dprinterchat for 20% off a sample pack! Limit 1 per customer.

Or you can use Amazon and code “3DFILA20” at checkout

DISCLAIMER: Dabble 3D provided the samples with no compensation or expectations given.

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