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Pokemon Go Servers down? Feed your Pokemon Go addiction with these 3d prints.

I Didn’t quite grow up with Pokemon but it didn’t come out at the right time to create one hell of an addiction. That need to collect them all was and still is very strong. They know how to get you too. Gotta Collect ’em all! Are you kidding me? The have nearly 800 Pokemon with more on the way. This is a world that would give Darwin fits and nightmares. Yet somehow I just keep going back like a crack addict. Now it has invaded my phone with Pokemon GO. For adults that didn’t want to be seen as childish walking around with a Gameboy in had or that person that can’t stop playing it. They now have a phone app that brings Pokemon there as well. Filled with all the microtransactions your wallet fears. That’s right folks Not even Pokemon is safe from the world of microtransactions. But me complaining about it won’t do any good. How many of you are playing it right now? How much have you spent already? I bet it’s too much, right? In that case here, are a few prints that may curb that addiction a little. At the very least it should give you something to do while they sort out their server problems…

The old school Crew – Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Low-Poly Squirtle by FLOWALISTIK, published May 3, 2014
Pokemon GO
Low-Poly Bulbasaur by FLOWALISTIK, published May 11, 2014
Pokemon GO
Low-Poly Charmander by FLOWALISTIK, published May 7, 2014

Choosing your first Pokemon has always been a hugely debated topic. No reason to stop the debate here. Who do you choose?

We can’t have a Pokemon Blog about the legendary Mew. Everyone had that friend that would tell you he got mew but when you asked to see it. He would always say he traded it. Nowadays most of us know about all the tricks to get mew in the games. But who knows how long till you will catch one in Pokemon GO. Print a mew totem to rub for luck.

Pokemon GO
Mew – Printed Parts by Alfonmc, published Oct 2, 2014

Anyone else use the mew cheat and just give him every HM?

Protect your phones! We all know someone is going to drop their phone trying to, Catch’em All! And you iPhone guys could use all the help you can. so here is a Pokemon iPhone case. Look both ways and keep a firm grip on your phones.

Pokemon GO
Iphone 6 plus case (or Iphone 6s plus) by jamison7soccer, published Mar 14, 2016

I trust you android guys don’t need a case because you will be careful right?

Keep your Pokemon in a real Pokeball. Now that you’ve chosen your Starter and your ready for battle Keep them ready in their own Pokeball. This is one of the best printable Pokeball’s I have seen. I can’t wait for my print to finish so I can assemble it.

Pokemon GO
PokeBall – Fully Functional with Button and Hinge by MrFozzie, published Jun 8, 2016

Tackle those gyms! We all know the Kanto badges are the only ones that ever mattered. Print out a set. A friend of mine is a geocacher. She had the idea to leave badges at the places that have gyms for people to find when they battle the gym. I printed out a set for her and now she is making Resin cast badges to start spreading around town.

Pokemon GO
Kanto Badge Set by LadySerpentine, published Nov 5, 2015

What do you guys think? I’m not into Geocaching so I don’t have much to say on the topic.

Get that Pokemon Go badge at any cost.

So the go badge isn’t out yet but you can print one to fool your friends with. Tell them you have connections. Then when they ask to see it show them a fuzzy picture and tell them it broke and you needed to send it back for repairs. Or you can clip it on your son’s shirt and tell him if he runs around the house wearing it more Pokemon will appear. I don’t think my son has spent this much time outside in a year.

Pokemon GOPokemon Go Plus

by Chaosghoul, published Sep 20, 2015



What are you still reading this for? Go catch those pokemon. What the server is still down? Go print something then.

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