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Great 3D-Printers to look for 2016!

List of all great 3D Printers to in 2016! 

Despite all the latest developments and new models in the 3D printers of different companies, they are all more or less similar to each other. This similarity that they share between them is the ability to only print the materials like PLA, ABS and exotic filaments. In this storm of new 3D printers, these 5 unique and different 3D printers are definitely impressive and ones to watch out for.

E3D BigBoxbigbox3d e3d kickstarter4 3DPrinter - 3D printers

One of the consumer printers to watch out for is the BigBox by E3D who are the hotend producers of the consumer printers. The BigBox has a huge build volume and it also has big community of 3D printing experts who are always ready to offer their capable advice to whoever need may need it. The biggest up point of the BigBox is that it’s open source so you will be able find mods, updates and fixes for it easily and free of any additional costs.

Autodesk Ember

The Ember has been introduced by the CAD giant Autodesk and is aimed at the professionals who are looking for the best finish quality with a variety of software. The Autodesk is planning to create a whole new 3D printing platform called “Autodesk Spark 3D” around the Ember. The Ember is supported with the full might of Autodesk in the form of open materials, open design and open software and is designed to advance the 3D printing industry. It has the potential to change the world of SLA 3D printing with its open source Ecosystem.

BigRep One v3

The BigRep is one of the big boys in the 3D printing world with its large size which is round about the one cubic meter. The exact dimensions of the BigRep are (1,100 x 980 x 1,050 mm). With this size, you can print a whole chair and literally a whole chair and that’s exactly what the BigRep did. The BigRep is a FDM 3D printer which has arrived in the market to fix the small printbed problems of the conventional FDM 3D printers. BigRep is nothing like those FDM 3D printers which can only print toys. It has the utmost ability produce the big things in just one big go.

The BigRep will be available in the market in summer. The 3D printer is currently available but is only being produced at the demand of the consumer.

Peachy Printer

The Peachy Printer is one of the silent 3D printers in its kind, the kind which doesn’t like to make much sound. Good size, great price, size of the reservoir and the customizability, the Peachy Printer has it all. The print tank can be exchanged with whichever container that you want to choose.  It truly is a peachy one in the vast world of the 3D printers. You can also say that the Peachy is one of the adorable little brothers of Ember. Despite what Peachy’s price tag says about it, the Peachy includes a lot of smart engineering.

Delta 2040 - 3D printersDeltaWASP 20 40

The WASP is one of those special 3D printers which offer the possibility to print something else other than the ABS and PLA. The WASP has a fluid-dense Extrusion system for materials like clay and others of its kind. You can also say that this printer is one of its kinds to print the ceramics. It delivers a finished product of great quality and allows you to experiment without too much of a mess or hassle.

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