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A New Era for BCN3D

BCN3D has announced two new printers in its FFS dual-material line of printers, the Epsilon W27, the Smart Cabinet, and the Sigma D25.  Hold...
3D Printing Company List

3D Printer manufacturers list 2020

A List of 3D Printer Manufacturers has been on the wishlist from many of our readers so here it is. Ofcourse we will addon...
selection of crowdfunding printers

Crowdfunding for 3D printing V.2

3D printing is a new and emerging field , and crowdfunding is providing a new source of capital for inventors and start-up companies. Fortunately thanks to...

The 13 Phases of 3D Printing

In this episode Chris walks you through the 13 phases of 3D printing, from anticipation all the way to expert. Please subscribe, share and review! ...

Getting Sticky! – 3D Printer Chat 3D Printing Show Episode 004

In this episode ... Bed Adhesion, the good, the bad, the ugly ... Myths and rituals - Do you really need to stand on...

Why we love 3d printing 0 3D Printer Chat 3D Printing Show Episode 001

Welcome to the 3D Printer Chat 3D Printing Show! In this episode Chris, Hakan and Miles discuss why we love 3d printing, and how we...

3D Printing Market Trends For 2017

2017 is set to have many emerging market trends for 3D printing industry. As the 3D printers become more affordable, engineers are developing new...
Autodesk Ember in action

Great 3D-Printers to look for 2016!

List of all great 3D Printers to in 2016!  Despite all the latest developments and new models in the 3D printers of different companies, they...

Big 3D Printers

Big 3D Printers So a lot of people look for a 3D printer with a big build area, so I've collected some Big 3D printers...

The Good, Bad, and Errors of 3D Printing

3D printing is a fine art in a world full of beginners. Fortunately the internet is full of support and sympathetic ears from other...