A New Era for BCN3D

BCN3D has announced two new printers in its FFS dual-material line of printers, the Epsilon W27, the Smart Cabinet, and the Sigma D25.  Hold on didn’t I say two printers?  Well, yes, but they are also selling what they are calling a Smart Cabinet.

Epsilon W27

The Epsilon W27 is a more budget-centric smaller version of the Epsilon W50 which was able to print 50 liters. The Epsilon W27 can only print 27 liters and is dedicated to lowering the price of the printer.

A New Era for BCN3D 5

The Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet will be used in conjunction with the Epsilon W27 or W50. It maintains humidity control of materials and provides an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). Which will protect your prints when bad voltage could mean a loose.

Smart Cabinet
A New Era for BCN3D 6

Sigma D25

The Sigma D25 will replace the already well known Sigma R19. It will still sport the trademark IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system.  It will also include an upgraded calibration system and an expanded workplace allowing for faster workflow.  BCN3D also improved the heat distribution and added new embedded electronics.

Sigma D25
A New Era for BCN3D 7

Xavier Martínez Faneca, BCN3D CEO

“With new integrated solutions in both the desktop and workbench segments, BCN3D has a range of products that will take the business to a new level. We are also working more closely than ever with an unparalleled network of sales and support partners to ensure the best possible experience for our customers on a local level,”

BCN3D continues to grow as a company adding to its already impressive line of printers. With the new Epsilon W27, the Smart Cabinet, and the Sigma D25. These new printers are slated to be released in late October of 2020. The Smart Cabinet in the spring of 2021!

Wow, this company has really impressed me. With the care and expertise that goes into each printer that they design and sell.  I’d love to make this printer my next review!

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