Etteplan’s Tool for 3D Print Cost

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Etteplan has developed a tool for estimating the cost of a 3D print.  It is free and online for anyone to use.  Etteplan’s tool called ATOTool will allow the user to estimate the cost of metal 3D print objects.  It will also compare the print to other additive methods.

Etteplan’s Senior Vice President

Riku Riikonen  said,“With this tool, our objective is not only to remove a major obstacle, but also to encourage our customers and the entire industry to make use of 3D printing technology and improve the competitiveness of products. The tool makes it possible to compare metal 3D printing with traditional manufacturing methods”.

Etteplan has been developing the program used by this tool for several years.  The Etteplan’s team goal was to develop a user friendly tool.  This will allow for a larger base of users when released.

Etteplan's tool

Etteplan’s Director Of Business

Toni Mattila was quoted as “Additive manufacturing (AM) methods, such as 3D printing, open up excellent opportunities for companies to improve their cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Distributed manufacturing increases operational flexibility, which is particularly valuable during exceptional periods like the one we are experiencing now with the coronavirus. In addition, AM methods help manufacturing companies improve their material efficiency and sustainability. Despite the numerous benefits, however, many companies are still skeptical about the costs involved in using AM. That makes opening up the costs related to AM methods using a calculation service such as Etteplan AMOTool very valuable. We hope that this free cloud service will lower the threshold for companies to try 3D printing to adopt future technologies”.

Intellectual Property Protected

One of the noteworthy points of Etteplan’s tool is its lack of the need to load an original model. This will prevent a possible leak classified information.  Other tools on the market require the actual model in order to make their calculation.

Etteplan's tool

Where Is Etteplan’s Tool

To use Etteplan’s AMOTool please go here:

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