3D Printed AR Headset from CombineReality

There is a new company called CombineReality.  I happened on them through twitter showing a complete build video.  So, what are they offering and why is it important to 3D hobbyists?

CombineReality Project North Star AR

CombineReality originally offered the project as a Kickstarter, they are now providing kits for Project North Star Augmented Reality (AR).  What’s cool about them is first the price and two the fact that you have the option to 3D Print the plastic parts of the headset.  But wait this project is open source!

3D Printed AR Headset from CombineReality 3


CombineReality has placed the instructions and parts lists for the headsets on GitHub.  They stated on their website that the parts can be out-sourced for $100 or you can purchase the electronics directly from them for $299. So, what if I’m lazy?

Complete Kits

If you don’t feel very handy you can buy a completely assembled kit for $799.  Personally I like the challenge!  I’d love to make this my next big project to write about. So, why is this news?

CombineReality – Awesome Gadget

Companies like this are showing how 3D printing can easily lower the price for such components making it possible for people like us to own cool gadgets like this! Because of how CombineReality has decided to provide the complete project on GitHub they are among a very small majority. These are companies willing to not put profit above enjoyment of the hobby. We need more companies like this. This is what inspires tomorrow’s entrepreneurs!

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