3D Printed Shoe

The First 3D Printed Shoe

Adidas has done it!  They have successfully designed and sold the first-ever of its kind 3D printed shoe called the “Futurecraft 4D”.

3D Printed on carbon

The only portion of the shoe that is 3D printed, the midsole and is printed in resin on Carbon’s M2 3D printer.  The midsoles were printed and cured with a resin and polyurethane mix. 

Carbon Printer
The First 3D Printed Shoe 5

3D Printed Lattice Framework

The prototype was originally shown in 2014 and while they were very far along in their design process.  They still had a long way to go! The new model uses a lattice framework in the mid-sole in order to obtain a more cushioned feel to the user.   

The First 3D Printed Shoe 6

On Sale Now

Fast forward to today where their 3D Printed Shoe is significantly improved.  Adidas produced 5000 pairs and sold all of them at $300 a pair!  They are still selling and can be had at from $150 to over $3,000 a pair on Amazon.

midsole printing
The First 3D Printed Shoe 7


Wow, the future of resin is bright!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the resin and polyurethane to play with at home.

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