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Autodesk to .STL

Autodesk to .STL

STL basically is a standard file that is designed using basic structural units for modeling software. Software such as CAD functions on the principle of 3d modeling of various shapes. All the shapes are optimized using triangular units that determine the final outcome of the design. Triangular shapes determine the faceting of the model you are going to design. Faceting hence is entirely dependent upon all the parameters being used.

Being the fundamental structural unit, size of the triangle will affect the precision of the final shape. If triangles forming the network are coarser then the uncertainty in the final output is likewise noticeable. On the other hand their fine basic assembly will relatively decrease the factor of uncertainty in the desired shape. When you export stl files from any CAD program, parameters clearly comprehend the designing domain for our structure. If design is propagated from a very small size, complex details are required and specified. But with such strategy the STL file becomes way too large in size. Processing time therefore will be prolonged to finalize the product.

Figures below show the impact of triangular size on the final structure:

Example of course triangulation - export stl files

Example of fine triangulation - export stl files

How to export stl files

A tutorial of how to export stl files from CAD is included on the website of the CAD software company. Further needed guidelines could also be obtained by contacting the technical support of the company. There are separate set of guidelines for each type of the CAD software. I am going to write the detailed set of instructions for the users of Autodesk Inventor. This software is generally preferred due to its comparatively simpler interface. The whole process of transferring the CAD file to the STL file for Autodesk Inventor is as follows.

  1. First go to the file menu of the program. You will find the ‘save copy as’ option. You need to select it.
  2. Then you will have to choose the type of STL you are going to require. And you will select it from the drop down list there.
  3. Third step will be the optimization of the quality which you will achieve by selecting ‘high’ from options. Highest quality will be large in size though.
  4. Then you will click ‘save’.

Autodesk Inventor has both options of saving either separate parts or complete assembly in STL format. This enhanced feature provides appreciable assistance. Now steps that are followed to save the designed model in STL format are as follows.

  1. You have to go to the tool menu and select the option of ‘rebuild all’. It will help to include all the modifications and ensure that design is not corrupt.
  2. Then you will select the option ‘save copy as’ in the file menu.
  3. While saving, you will specify the STL type of the file by selecting ‘STL files (.stl). STL ‘Out Save options’ dialogue box will be opened as you click options.
  4. Then select the ‘high’ option and click ‘ok’. It must be kept in mind that while selecting the qualities from the highest to the lowest, you will have to edit the resolutions setting in the Windows registry.
  5. Then in the end you will click ‘save’ in the dialogue box of ‘Save copy as’.

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