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How Much Does A 3D Printer Cost

Wanting to Find a Cheap 3D Printer? Maybe wanna know how much a 3D Printer cost? Printers using all of these components can all do the same thing, extrude molten plastic! The trick to it is how much you understand the machine that you have.…

How to make your 3DPrinter Sing

The Internet is an amazing place. And we can find all sort of content related to 3DPrinting.Most of the printers can be controlled with an Arduino, and the premise of an Arduino is to connect all kind of sensors, small engines or a…

GPL Source Code for the Creality CR-10S

Recently a growing 3D Printer company has come under fire for what is being termed a violation of GPL terms by some in the 3D printing community. First let me say I am not here to take sides and I do not represent Creality or even own one…

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