At the Formnext 2021 trade event, 3DGence debuted the ELEMENT series.

The ELEMENT line of Metal FFF 3D Printers is now available from 3DGence.

At the recently concluded Formnext 2021 trade conference, 3DGence, an American maker of industrial 3D printers, unveiled a new Metal FFF 3D Printer series.

The new ELEMENT series of metal FFF 3D printers, which expands on their INDUSTRY line of high-temperature thermoplastic printers, was unveiled with two printers in the mid-size and compact range.

ELEMENT MP260 Metal FFF 3D Printer

3DGence ELEMENT series MP260 metal FFF 3D printer

The MP260metal FFF 3D printer,a tiny machine built as a cost-effective prototyping printer for MIM production businesses was the first in the 3DGence ELEMENT series.

The MP350 is a mid-sized metal industrial printer that includes a printer, debinder, and sintering station in one package.

Two important materials, including 316L stainless steel, will be processed using the ELEMENT MP260.

The MP260X version will be available at launch and will work with the majority of sinterable filament materials currently used in MIM technology.

An improved extrusion mechanism, a sophisticated hardened nozzle with a material detection system and a specially built material bay are all included in the printer.

The 3DGence ELEMENT MP260 is a great support technology for existing MIM processes

because of all of the aforementioned.

Our technological solution is based on our MIM partners’ experience.

First and foremost, the printers must be dependable and simple to operate.

With traditional extrusion systems, feedstock materials are typically brittle and difficult to handle.

We experimented with a variety of designs before settling on dependable and robust extrusion technology.

ELEMENT MP350Metal FFF 3D Printer

3DGence ELEMENT series MP350 metal FFF 3D printer

The 3DGence ELEMENT MP350 metal FFF 3D printer offers a higher-volume solution with higher throughput, better safety features, and a bigger material selection.

More details on the MP350 system will be announced in December 2021, and the printer will be on exhibit at Formnext 2021.

“Our goal is to deliver industrial-grade Metal FFF technology to our industrial customer base that is accessible without compromising expected quality.”

says Ron Faruqui, CEO of Americas, 3DGence.

We are now making the natural extension to high-performance non-polymer materials,as our recent focus has been on our high-temperature thermoplastic printers for sequential

robust printing in high-performance materials like ULTEMTM and the PAEK family.

We expect there will be variable needs for metal, high-temperature thermoplastics, and composite parts—often side-by-side—depending on specific applications across major industries. Therefore, the new ELEMENT series was created specifically for this portfolio extension.

Regardless, our ultimate goal is to enable our users to develop high-quality end-use parts using a single,

a dependable platform that provides constant benefits.”

The MP260metal FFF 3D printer will be released in December 2021, followed by the MP350 in Q1 2022. In January 2021, pre-orders will be available.

Source: 3DGence

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