Binder Jetting and ExOne are used by SANDHELDEN for its long-term sand projects.

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When it comes to end-use parts, sand binder jetting is becoming more common.

Several reasons have contributed to this. For starters,

binder jetting is one of the quickest additive manufacturing processes, and sand binder jetting is even faster than metal binder jetting since it requires far less post-processing.


sand is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective building material than many traditional alternatives.

SANDHELDEN, a global pioneer in the manufacturing of 3D printed design elements composed of sand, has turned to ExOne, the leader in sand binder jetting, to create its products for these reasons and others.
SANDHELDEN is noted for its environmentally friendly bathroom products, such as sinks and bathtubs,

which are made with sand 3D printing.

The company has collaborated with sand binder jetting experts at the 1,800 m2 ExOne Adoption Center in Gersthofen, Germany, since 2016.

Though ExOne sand 3D printing is best recognized for metal casting moulds and cores or other tooling applications, this collaboration has allowed both firms to expand the technology’s strengths.

SANDHELDEN utilises ExOne’s S-Max 3D Printer for its Sand Binder Jetting needs.

But how are sand-based sinks and bathtubs designed to be long-lasting and waterproof?

It begins with a CAD model, a 3D image that acts as the foundation for the printed moulds

, like with any 3D printing process.

This is then sent to one of the ExOne adoption centre’s 3D printers.
The ExOne S-Max 3D printer is picked because it provides SANDHELDEN with a variety of advantages,

including efficient and flexible batch manufacturing, high productivity, and a customizable platform.

All of these factors are important in the production of SANDHELDEN’s sand products.

A double job box and a Jobmatic, which allows for automatic post-processing, are also included with the S-Max 3D printer.

The binder jet 3D printing process starts with a thin, even layer of sand on the job box’s base plate before the printhead precisely distributes the binder onto the spots

that will be linked together to make the printed item.

The binder, in this example furan, surrounds each layer of sand in binder jetting.

The plate is then lowered, allowing the steps to be repeated until the mould is completed layer by layer.

When a project is finished, the job box advances up.

The S-Max system’s huge workbox enables the manufacturing of numerous products –

from the same series or multiple designs – at the same time

. On an S-Max, for example, up to 48 Basin “S-01″- SIMBIOSIS Collection” moulds can be created in a single printing session.

The SANDHELDEN patterns are 3D printed,

then penetrated with resins and further coated to form distinctive shapes

that are waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand daily use in bathroom situations.

An ideal Production Process

For a multitude of reasons, sand binder jetting is the ideal production process for these products.

First, SANDHELDEN may benefit from the technology’s flexibility in terms of materials, scale, and geometrical freedom.

They point out that ExOne’s technology allows them to produce geometrically complicated structures that are impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods.

Binder jetting also allows them to operate more sustainably,

which is a significant benefit for an environmentally aware organization.

This is achieved not just by decreasing waste by only using building materials that are required, but also by the company’s ability to employ silica sand as the binder jetting process’s base.

If it was not bound into a design during the initial production process,

this natural material can be purchased entirely from regional sources in Germany and reused for future projects.
“We’re familiar with traditional foundry applications for our sand 3D printers,

but we’re delighted to see the new opportunities firms are exploring with the technology,”

ExOne’s Managing Director, Eric Bader, said.

“From the outset, we’ve worked with SANDHELDEN to enable this creative application of binder jetting for consumer items, and we’re proud to see their business thrive on the values of distinctive product offerings,

quality, and sustainability.”


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