3D Printing for the Second Cold War Pt.1

I was a child of the 1980’ s, growing up in the waning days of the first Cold War. I remember seeing the Berlin Wall fall and having a child’s understanding that it was something great in history. I was relieved that SALT and START  treaties were signed and that Russia & USA had stepped back from nuclear Armageddon.

I was relieved because I knew that in the event of a nuclear war, I would be reduced to a shadow in ground zero. I lived within the blast radius of Buckley Air Force Base which is a major military communications and surveillance facility. In a major war, the base would be a prime military target for a nuclear attack. We did not do any nuclear attack drills (Duck and Cover!) in school, because the administration knew our chances of survival would be nil.

I have not thought about the threat of a nuclear attack sense my childhood. Now that president elect (I cringe when I write that) Donald Trump has risen inexplicably to the presidency, I have new reasons to resurrect the nuclear fear that I thought would be gone in my lifetime.

In the short time that Trump has been in office, he has shown an incredible lack of tact and diplomacy in the verbal diarrhea that spews from his Twitter account.

Trumps nuclear tweet. Why does he even have his own Twitter?

On Dec.22d he posted a tweet calling for nuclear proliferation. To add fuel to the fire, he called in to the MSNBC show Morning Joe and told the hosts:

“Let it be an arms race, we will outlast them at every pass.”

Because of this absolute lunatic from Trump BEFORE he even gets into the White House, I am seriously thinking about my personal survival in the event that Trump pushes the button.

3D Printing for Survival

I’ll admit that I have thought that doomsday preppers and survivalist were paranoid individuals. However now I am starting to see my personal paradigm shift to their way of thinking. It has been fine to look at my 3D printer as a tool to make toys and practical things, but now I am looking at it as a tool to prepare for survival.


A 3D printed castle
Soon you may be able to print everything you need, including your fallout shelter!

When the event of a catastrophic disaster occurs, taking shelter is essential. To prepare beforehand, you could 3D print a cement bomb shelter and bury it in your back yard. This way you can 3D print a comfortable and durable shelter that is reminiscent of the fallout shelters of the Cold War. While this may require a more specialized industrial 3D cement printer, it is something that is worth considering in the future as the technology becomes available.


3D printed water pump.

Access to potable municipal drinking water may be nonexistent if the government collapses under Trump. You will have to turn to stored sources of water, including rain barrels and cisterns. But without an electric pump, you may need a manual water pump that is portable like

If you have a portable camping filter, you know how important it is to have a silt screen on the intake hose, so a screen like will come in handy.


While matches and lighters are handy and a must have in any survival kit, they may run out in a long-term survival situation. Starting a fire is good for moral and for cooking, so having an alternative fire starting tool is a survival must. is a bearing block for a bow drill, which would be a great tool to prepare while things are good.


3D printing is a goldmine for custom tools, so I will not go into depth on them. However one of the best tools to strap onto your belt is still a knife. While the idea of a plastic knife sounds a bit off in a survival situation, simple knives that are 3D printed can be utilitarian and function as trade items. They can also be customized quickly for any special task.

Bullet molds

5.56 dummy round

Guns will be a fact of life  in a survival situation. Amo hungry guns and trigger happy shooters will make amo a valuable trading commodity in the apocalypse. Casting the bullets in scrap lead will become a valuable skill, so using 3D printed bullets like can produce the molds

needed to form bullets.

In a future article I’ll expand more upon other 3D printable survival tools. If you would like to add to this, please contact 3D-PT in chat or [email protected].

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