Robbie Pearson – 3D printing profiles

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Robbie Pearson – 3D printing profiles
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Hi, I’m Robbie I live in the United Kingdom and I am a 3D Printing enthusiast. I was always fascinated with  electronics and technology so getting a reprap was a no-brainier for me. I own one printer which is a Sintron Prusa i3 kit, which I did a review of here if you are interested Prusa i3 Review , I built it and print with it just about non-stop. It was my first printer of more to come I hope and it serves me very well in the exploration in the world of 3D printing. I spend a lot of my free time tinkering with it to make it print better, and I really enjoy working through it’s problems.

Prusa i3  - 3D printing profiles
Prusa i3 – 3D printing profiles

I have set-up a little workstation to work on my 3D printer that has just about everything I need including screwdrivers, a soldering iron,  a hobby knife, etc and of course a digital calliper. With my little yet powerful set up I am able to produce prints that I think are exceptional for a my first built printer, I am always learning though.

Prusa i3 Printing well
Prusa i3 demo prints

Since I have had my Prusa I have gained knowledge of 3D Printing and I really enjoy writing about it and sharing it. I mostly enjoy doing this as I found the community very friendly, welcoming and helpful so I always like to help back. I do look forward to many more posts and many more years of 3D-Printing!

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