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Me (Lays) and 3DPrinters, how it started?

Lays Rodrigues – 3D printing profiles

Hi everyone!
Today I wanna talk about me. Just a little. =)
Almost a year ago, I started to go to events about science and technology. Since that I study computer science, I need to go to this events, to learn more, make some networking and prepare more to the outside world of the college.
After a few events, I meet a person, today my partner, Guilherme Razgriz, that offered to me and a colegue, the job to develop a new printer host to 3d printing, since he had a lot of problems with the printer hosts that him used.
I almost get crazy, because I didn’t have experience with software development, but what is life without challenges?
Since that moment, almost a year passed. And now our project counts with the support of KDE, this great community, that helps us with the development and feedback’s. I learned how to programmer better and use all the power that Qt has.
My life changed in 180 degrees, from a student that didn’t care much about the future, to a woman that now write articles and made some talks in events.
But, in all this time, the first time that I worked with a 3dprinter was at the Campus Party Brazil last month.
I used a Sethi A3 based on RepRap Graber, and made a lot of prints on the 5 days of events. I loved finally get my hands on a 3dprinter, because we don’t have much structure to work, at my house I don’t have a 3dprinter to manage tests, I need to go to my partners house, in another city to run tests.

Well, this a little piece of my history, if you want to know a little more here (How the campus Party changed my life) is another post about how my life change in this last year.

Thats all folks! ~For now~ =D

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