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Hi, mi name is Alexis Adrian Puentes Valencia I am 24 years old. I live in México City and I am a 3D printing enthusiast. I got in touch with this technology when I was studying in the university. I and my friends are real geeks (as if you didn’t see that coming). We love the 3d technology and learn all kind of new stuff every day, my friends are developers, Makers, Growth Hackers, etc.

Alexis- 3D printing profiles

Ok, but why I choose 3D printing technology as my work for living, well it began when I was at my friend’s house, we were selected by our professors to innovate and create a new project so we can participate in different technology contests, so we had this reunion in my friend’s house, we pour a few beers and bought pizza.

So there we are, just chillin´, thinking and speaking about everything so we can get the inspiration for a new project, it didn’t happen. So we start watching the big bang theory, in this episode, it was all about 3D printing and we were fascinated by that technology, so we opened our laptop and we started doing research about 3d printing.

We spend like 2 years developing our full prosthetic device and learning about our printer, we build 2 RepRap prussa i3 XL, and enter through a lot of different contest, we won on Expociencias. So a few of my teammates travel to Brussels Belgium on Expo ciencas Internacional with our project Prin3Dx.

3D printer - 3D printing profiles
3D printer

Later all of us graduated and now we have a little Startup Called Ingenia 3D.

The 3D printing change my life for real, now I have a whole new knowledge about 3d mechanics, industrial and artist design, my career informatics, a few about chemistry and a lot of marketing and business.

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