PassivDom is now taking pre-orders for totally Autonomous 3D Printed Houses (Photo Gallery)

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3D printed homes from PassivDom are now available on demand for customers in the Ukraine and the US.

As a promise, The company said the first of these houses will be delivered later this year.

PassivDom is an Ukrainian technological startup “Passive House Ukraine”. The company produces autonomous self-learning module houses with the help of 3D Printing. Moreover, These modular homes are easy to transport and install anywhere; A PassivDom house can be set up in the middle of the woods, on top of a mountain, or in any remote location you feel like running into — even in Arctic climate conditions —.

Most noteworthy, the module uses only ecologically clean solar energy for all occupants’ needs; from climate control (heating and cooling), to water generation; same with air quality and oxygen control. The house itself also produces electricity for all household appliances. so it means you can live completely off the grid, with zero utility bills!

3D printing an entire module house takes 8 hours

Looking inside a ModulOne house:

According to PassivDom, house foundations are 3D printed in a period of eight hours. A 7-axis 3D printing robot prints the floor, roof, and 20-centimeter-thick walls of the house; Raw material for 3D printing is a mix of Carbon fiber, polyurethane, basalt, resins, and fiberglass.
Next, the windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are added manually, taking around 24 hours to totally assemble it. Besides, the frame of the house is six times stronger than steel and includes outer components like tempered glass, aluminum windows and doors.
While on the subject and Talking about the building process: “In the first step, robots mix components in composite with high thermal and resistant characteristics. That is how we get extremely durable construction along with maximum warmth. A composite is extruding layer by layer as in a ‘usual’ 3D-printing”.

PassivDom’s high-tech factories are located in Ukraine and California. Therefore, these are the headquarters where 3D design for module houses take place.

3D printed houses are available to pre-order, with prices starting at $32,000

PassiveDom also allows customers to choose depending on their needs. Their products varying in both size and level of autonomy, but there are three main options offered:

First of all, you can choose a very basic module with built-in electrical wiring, heating and ventilation for only €29,900, but no furniture, appliances or kitchen and bathroom would be included. Second is The Standard module; for €39,900 it comes with all of those things, plus an alarm system and cloud-based video surveillance. However, it still needs to be connected to power, water and sewage lines, so it’s not fully autonomous. Finally, there’s a €59,900 Autonomous option that includes solar panels, batteries, inverters, and an independent water supply, plus you can control all these appliances and power systems via smartphone.

Here are some pictures of the PassivDom’s ModulOne and ModulTwo Houses:

House plan modulOne (36 м²).
ModulOne House

However, if your plan is to eventually expand the area of your home, you might want to consider purchasing the 36 sq. m. ModulTwo:

Here’s a ModulTwo Sketch.
After a while you can add a second module to the first one you purchased, doubling the area of your home. Here’s a sketch of  how the two ModulTwo houses in one would look like.

Do you want to live a few days in PassivDom? the company will shortly offer modules for ‘test drivers’, so people can live in them for a few days and offer feedback.

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  1. Lori Mahan says

    This is the coolest thing yet that I have seen done with a 3D printer. I so want one, but the price is a little steep for me right now, but it is actually a reasonable price. SO COOL!

  2. mperkins37 says

    Love the idea, Needs to be able to print bigger homes IMO, Imagine printing a Victorian style? 2 Floors & basement..

  3. mperkins37 says

    Think I remember seeing a printed small castle a while back

  4. mperkins37 says

    Super scale it up & the possibilities are endless

  5. Justin Flugum says

    Who would have guessed it was 3d printed.

  6. Richard Bynum says

    I like these houses. I would love to have an “off-grid” house tucked back in the countryside. I watched some videos the other day of a huge 3D printer printing houses (it might have been this company,m I don’t remember). It was amazing to watch how fast the walls were made and how thick they were. I wouldn’t have thought the walls would have been as strong as they are if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. But the mix of fiberglass and carbon fiber with the other additives make for a super strong product! I’d feel secure with it around me.

  7. Tom Baxter says

    I don’t see this method as a way to print multi-story homes in one shot. However, the idea of having a few different modules that can be printed and combined to suit different customer’s needs would be awesome. I see a time where we could select some modules and a configuration from a website. The construction company can then deliver the modules and assemble your house in a fraction of the time it would take to get a house built using traditional methods. Articles like this really get my mind going.

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