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Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Filament Settings in Bambu Lab Printer

Hey there, fellow 3D printing enthusiasts! Let’s talk about some super cool tips and tricks to make your Bambu Lab printers shine even brighter! We know these printers are fast and deliver awesome prints, but sometimes, when we use other filaments, things can get a little tricky. But don’t worry, […]


110 Fidget Spinner Designs To 3D Print – Part II

If you guys felt captivated by any of the 3D Printable Fidget models in the First part of the Fidget Spinner List, then here is the second part with other 55 printable designs you’ll definitely love and whish try: 56. Spinner Keychain Keychains and spinners are cool gadgets. why not […]

passivdoms house that can be 3d printed

PassivDom is now taking pre-orders for totally Autonomous 3D Printed Houses (Photo Gallery)

3D printed homes from PassivDom are now available on demand for customers in the Ukraine and the US. PassivDom is an Ukrainian technological startup “Passive House Ukraine”. The company produces autonomous self-learning module houses with the help of 3D Printing. Moreover, These modular homes are easy to transport and install anywhere; […]


3D Printed Gears Easy!

Hi folks Your Brazilian friend Guillerme Razgriz here!! A very common problem when finding the right gear to 3d print is time and getting exakt measurements for a specific model. Obviously it must also work as intended.. 😉 So here are a little list of tools that can help you […]