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Billionaires are heading to space.
A large number of us wanted to be astronauts when we grew up but,
Only a small number of us eventually got to live that dream.
The cost of space exploration is at present too high for the common joe,
But Martin Nisser a PhD candidate is working to change that, and his secret recipe?
“self-assembling machines”
Will be instrumental in reducing the price of a ticket to space.

MIT: Nisser Martins

Making Robots for the stars

The son of Swedish parents,Nisser has always had a love for robotics and physics,
while enrolled in ETH Zurich, nisser met a Harvard professor directing the micro-robotics department at Harvard,
this experience gave nisser his current interest in robotics,
and how it can be created using methods like 3d printing and self-assembly.
Nisser’s work brings to life the phrase “power to the people”.
Currently working as a PhD student with the HCI engineering group at MIT, Nisser is working with MIT in bringing self-assembling machines to space.
And along with his team is creating a new type of 3D printing that is suited for space, creating works not restricted to gravity.
recent tests have allowed for weightless intervals of 20 seconds.
the project is scheduled to be launched by December, on a month-long mission.

From building simple systems doing a mundane task like a chair or an eraser to a car,
Nisser aims to improve sustainability and making advanced technology more accessible and cheaper for the average joe.
Nisser after graduating hopes to teach and continue his robotics research as a professor,
specialising in projects related to space and hardware convenience.
The sooner we find a cost-effective system the faster we can move towards accessibility to advanced systems,
And that is good for everyone.
Innovation is always at the forefront of every invention and wouldn’t you want your space ticket to be cheaper than a plane ticket?

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