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robotic 3d printed arm

MIT’s Vision-Controlled Jetting Unleashes Material Innovation

Introduction: In a groundbreaking leap for 3D printing technology, a collaborative effort between MIT, Inkbit, and ETH Zurich has given birth to a cutting-edge 3D inkjet printing system. Unlike its traditional counterparts, this innovative system not only widens the scope of printable materials but also boasts an impressive speed advantage. […]

the dyana was 3D printed by a team of engineers from Zurich

A Cat with a personality of its own

Scientists at Eth Zurich have created an autonomous cat like robot that’s able to mimic real feline movement using Additive manufacturing.Created using SLS, FDM, and MJF over nine months, the ‘Dyana’ bot features impact-resistant thigh pads, which enable free movement without endangering it. The bot is more predatory in size […]


Big 3D Printers

Big 3D Printers So a lot of people look for a 3D printer with a big build area, so I’ve collected some Big 3D printers and a list of pros and cons. Feel free to suggest your recommendations in the comments and I’ll add them. gMax 3D Printer – Big 3D […]