3D printer integrates Ai And Machine learning

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Breton an Italian machine company is developing a 3D printer that combines AI and Machine learning.
This printer, The “Genesi” 3d printer is made for producing thermoplastics materials in bulk,
will be able to blend both additive and subtractive processes.
Created by Breton to grow 3d printing,

the additive Manufacturing solution uses advanced AI and machine-learning algorithms to attain top-notch mechanical and artsy designs.
Standing at 3 metres in height and 5 metres in width, the genesis is one of the world’s largest printers.
Breton Insititute of technology partnered with Mise “true 3D printer” in recent years have focused on research and the creation of new 3d printing systems.
coming up with a new solution of course cannot be done on an island, which is why
Breton plans to open a new path by teaming up with Canadian company Augmenta using their machine learning and AI skills,
and also, the printing know-how of the MUSP, a research institute in Piacenza.
The creation process was carried out by working with manufacturers such as Sabic, and partnerships with siemens in software engineering.

The genesis printer integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning (Source: Breton)

Blending the Additive and subtractive method

The Genesi operates either in a pure additive version or a blend with a subtraction system.
a pure additive method allows for the creation of near-net parts very close to the final shape but the second solution overcomes these limits.
By blending the two methods the Genesi not only makes the part almost completed but also ready to use.
Breton is currently opening its doors to companies to see the Genesi and how it works.
the world of 3d printing is ever-expanding and new groundbreaking innovations are released every single day.
partnering with startup, Nothern light composite, A prototype “Ecofoiler” is being created using genesi,
A sailing boat with a fully recyclable foil.

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