Anycubic Photo Ultra 3D printer

Anycubic’s Photon Ultra launches soon on Kickstarter at $399

Starting September 15, You will be able to order Anycubic’s Photon Ultra 3D printer on Kickstarter.
Anycubic, known for its tip-top and cost-effective printers recently made public its launch of the upcoming Photon Ulta DLP 3D printer on Kickstarter.
The Anycubic photon ultra offers an “exclusive debut” of texas instruments DLP technology which gives users Assets, such aslow maintenance, high-resolution prints, and reduced power drain.
Why the anycubic’s photon Ultra?

Anycubic boasts High-Quality Prints

LCD screens have a shelf life of 3–4 months before they have to be replaced,
but with the DLP projection, there is no need for screen replacement as the photo ultra has no need for a screen and can run for “nothing less than 20k hours”
by using a projector that mirrors light to a pixel via a micromirror, there is no light convergence and crisper black-white contrasts are achieved.

Longer shelf life

The Anycubic’s photon ultra discards the LCD feature and can run for more than 20k hours.
what this means is a more cost-effective way of saving money
with a Kickstarter price of $399, that’s about $201 saved on the cost of buying an LCD screen of $600.

From being environment friendly to not being high maintenance, The Anycubic Photon printer has its boxes checked.
It also operates at 40% light efficiency, which is 2.5-3% of what LCD printers work with.
working with far less energy at a rating of 12W and average power consumption of 8.5w.
the printer consumes 0.017- 0.034 to print a 100mm high model.
and with a coo aesthetic design, there,s no cooing fan which of course reduces noise pollution.

Higher print speed and wider resin options

With a print speed of 1.5s per layer, when compared to LCD printers like photon mono x, which has a speed of 1.5- 2s per layer,
An adjustable UV power gives the Anycubic photon ultra a wide range of resin options and endless possibilities for the user.
UI interface
Anycubic Photon ultra print settings can be adjusted directly via the touch screen, making it easier to use without a computer.

Come September 15 you will be able to order the Photon Ultra DLP 3D printer on Kickstarter by Anycubic,
With a launch price of $399 for the first 100 backers and $499 after that.
Once on Amazon price increases to $599.
So what are you waiting for?
Pre-order as soon as you can.

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