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Desktop Metal Launches 316L Stainless-Steel for producing on the Shop System

Look out for the 316L stainless steel from Desktop metal. Machine shops have something to look forward to in the coming months with Desktop metal.The company leading in mass production 3d printing has authorised the use of 316L stainless steel for the shop system,
Made for machine shops it is the world’s first metal binder jetting system,

providing an increased materials catalogue.
Users can now take advantage of low-cost, High-level binder jetting technology for printing end-use parts in 316l stainless steel with throughput, print quality, and productivity unattainable via legacy 3d printing.
Rust resistance and malleability at intense degrees is some of the core points of the 316L.
Suited for demanding environments from industrial works to end-user items such as jewellery.
Jonah Myerberg co-founder and CTO of Desktop Metal says the 316l is the start of a campaign to increase the company’s portfolio and also address a widening set of use cases for their print platforms.

Use cases for The 316l Stainless Metal.

316L stainless steel

No product would be viable without a use case scenario and the desktop materials science team has confirmed that the shop system meets MPIF 35 standards set by the Metal Powder Industries Federation.
Bulb nozzle

Bulb Nozzle
Bulb nozzle/Image source: Desktop metal

Spray nozzles are used in chemical processing, while most bulb nozzles are made within a couple of weeks,
While the 316L 3d printing an entire line of nozzles can be made within a week with only one secondary thread tapping operation needed,

this reduces the complexity of manufacturing and lead times.
medical use cases
With the 316L it is possible to print out medical device closures as much as 10k within a week cutting down labour costs and time. and 315l’s anti-rust resistance makes it easier to clean and sterilise.
there are many use cases for the 316 from jewellery to bezels on a watch to even footwear and cosmetics. there’s an entire line of use cases for the metal.

Why the 316L Shop system?

Made with the modern shop at the forefront of its design,

The 316 has a friendly UI interface, With an AI-generated hand, removable sintering setters reduces labour and cost.
The speed and print quality are top-notch, reaching speeds of 800cc/hour,
The shop system prints out complex parts as high as a thousand within 5 hours.
businesses printing out quality detailed complex parts with as low a four-micron roughness average (Ra) out of the furnace.
Hinging on a high-level single-pass printhead,

16000 native DPI the shop system gives 400% the resolution of 5x Nozzle redundancy on its printhead that is more than 25% higher than most binder jetting systems.
17-4PHH stainless and chrome cobalt will also be supported by the Shop system.

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