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Police Bust a gun making Lab

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The suspect had 3d printers capable of making gun parts.

3D Printing has many real-world uses, From printing your house in a couple of hours to simulating a tumour for treatment,
Printing out prosthetics for use.
There’s a bright and cheery side when it comes to 3d printing,
and it brings to mind a sort of revolution happening right in front of us,
But There’s a not so bright side.

With the internet, you can pull up information on anything in 0.0001 seconds.

Ranging from cookbooks to bioprinting to printing your own home.
In Vancouver, a routine traffic stop has led to an arrest of a man.
When a north Vancouver officer pulled over a driver on marine drive, he had no idea what he was getting into.
Further investigation led to the discovery of weapons and drugs all prepared for sale.
there was also a fake police badge and gun belt.
Police note, that some of the items were kept in secret compartments.
Searching the suspect’s house also yielded several disturbing facts,

Noted by the west Vancouver police spokesman.
Officer discovered drugs, weapons, fake ids and get this, A 3d printer capable of making gun parts.
It shows a trend of how easy it is for anything to be twisted to the
“dark side of the force”.
and as quoted by the police spokesman,
“is concerning on how easy it is to get schematics online, on how to print firearm parts”.
The gun lab was of course dismantled and the printer impounded.
Thomas Barewski has seven charges against him and was scheduled to be arraigned in North Vancouver court yesterday.
As we tread this path, let us remember “stay on the right side of the force”
even though sometimes the dark side has cookies.

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