Intel’s OpenBot

Intel known for its processors and motherboards is releasing the plans for an open-source robot.  But not just any robot, this one is mostly 3D printed. 


The object of most 3D printed robots is to take advantage of the 3D printing process.  So as to reduce the number of other parts that must be purchased.

Are they the first?

No, there are other projects by other companies.  AMBOTS,  Flexoskeleton, and Solo8  are among the few available on the internet.  But these don’t even come close to Intel’s goal of reducing parts as they did with their own OpenBot.  Intel was quoted as “Current robots are either expensive or make significant compromises on sensory richness, computational power, and communication capabilities. We propose to leverage smartphones to equip robots with extensive sensor suites and access to a thriving software ecosystem, in a small electric vehicle that costs $50.”.

How is the OpenBot made?

The OpenBot is made with PLA.  The chassis is 3D printed as two pieces and screwed together with six screws.  It includes a cell phone holder and a place to mount the Adriano computer.  Intel says that it only takes just over 13 hours to print.  They even developed an app in order for the cell phone and Adriano computer to communicate with each other.

Intel's OpenBot 3

So Where Can I Get It?

The open-source OpenBot plans are available for free download.  Unfortunately, the app is not available for IOS yet.


In conclusion, Intel has done an excellent job of creating their OpenBot and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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