A New Guinness World Record

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A new Guinness world record has been set by Dennis Freiburg for the world’s lightest electrically assisted bike (EAB).

So why is this important to 3D Printer Chat you ask? Well it because this bike was able to obtain its very impressive weight of 6.872 kilos (15.15 lb), by using a very impressive number of 3D printed parts.

How did he do this? By printing with composite materials he was able to lighten the bike by much more then he would have with other materials. He spent 10,000 euros to obtain his results and took more then one year.

Parts of the bike could not be 3D printed, such as the frame and wheels. But other parts lake the pedals for example where 3D printed. Dennis Freiburg is not discussing exactly which parts are printed and the bike was not intended for commercial resale.

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