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How to improve your 3D printing company

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We all know the progress of 3D printing, do it yourself has been taken to a whole new level. Technology is a great business, the problem is that, like all new markets, we must explore, test, measure in order to receive earnings.

Now, the market for 3D printing has grown over the years. If we do a little research using Google Trends, we realize that little by little people want to know more about 3D printing. It is clear that people are beginning to understand the full potential of this technology, although there are still many obstacles in trying to educate people about: using 3D printing in their daily activities.

3d printing tips
3d printing tips

Let’s review some tips from Toronto’s Matt Belo, Brand Manager and solutions expert for the consumer 3D printing Objex Unlimited Studio.

  1. Hand-Printed Samples – 3d printing tips

 Like any product samples you need Hand-printed samples, it will help you to impact and improve the visual perception for the buyer. As a seller you must need to sell not only the service also you need to sell the experience that with 3D printing the problem can be solved effectively.

Print pieces according to the market you want to focus on, include all budgets, range of materials, printing prices, bonus materials and workmanship. All this is for the client, to feel safe, and have a better idea of what you can do, also he will understand how you are going to help with his needs.

3d printing tips
3d printing tips
  1. Identify relevant industries. – 3d printing tips

Industries are already on 3D printing, they want to acquire and use on their manufacturing processes: Medicine, Education, renewable technologies, Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture, Art, Consumer goods, etc.

What is your market?

What kind of companies work in the market that you want to enter?

Meet relevant businesses in your geographical area and offer your 3D printing services to improve their products or services. Also investigate near events around to you, know their needs and research activities of the business community near you, this will help you to be able to display 3D prints related to their services and that will help you get hired.

3d printing tips
3d printing tips
  1. How to compete in 3D printing ? – 3d printing tips

I think this is the one point that we all want to know. As we compete in the world of 3D printing there are different types of people that offer different services for this technology, first analyze what you can do, the fact that you only have a 3D printer doesn’t make your company able to offer all the services that the large companies in 3D printing could, know your limitations so you can offer through your potential, find a quality product that can really deliver, don’t sell smoke!

Collaborate and create business partnerships!

Create alliances, this will allow you to expand your outlook for your business and generate more experiences that will eventually increase your customer list. Don’t work alone, create strong business partnerships <>  work together in certain jobs, which ín its turn you will both reach a win-win, plus your business experience will grow and that it’s awesome.

3d printing tips
3d printing tips


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