How to do Projects that someone really can PRINT!

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How to do Projects that someone really can PRINT!
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Hi folks Your Favourite 3dprinterchat blogger Guilltherme here! šŸ™‚

3d Modeling is just a form of art that can make your imagination explode and manifest your dreams! But…can IĀ really print Anything? Well, this little post have the answers that you are looking for!

The Answer of one million dollars is… NO.

3D Printers need to receive correct parameters to bring your project to lifeĀ and its just not about the correct sliceing parameters and a good gcode file, it really starts inĀ the beginning of your 3d project! Lets see the most common project problems and how to avoid then:

Thin meshes Ā – 3D printing projects :

square - 3D printing projects

A weak surface may break or twist when taken off the heat bed or deform the entire project during print. The basic solution is make it more solid!

Important: Some projects that have fewer layers just don’t need it as BookMarks, Business Cards, Key Chains and other little flat surfaced projects.

Duplicated Vertices – 3D printing projects:

faces shock - 3D printing projects

A dirty mesh will result in a huge stl file, more processing time and a good possibility of problems with layers. So check your mesh at least two times over. If you have Blender just open your project there, select your mesh and at edit mode use the option “Remove Doubles ” =] .

How to print TEXT projects ?

Well, if you don’t care about letters moving on your bedĀ or really just want it to happen, then skip this part:

Text - 3D printing projects

Some possible Solutions:

Create a simple base below the text –Ā 3D printing projects
Texttable - 3D printing projects

On bases you can create something more artistic too just like this
Text angle - 3D printing projects

“Glue” the letters together or make a simple back bar/line
Text lig - 3D printing projects

Back to the “Flying parts” or “in need of support” models:

WhatĀ about files like this one?
challenge sup - 3D printing projects

Yes! But you must be careful in the sliceing software:

If the project have “flying parts” of just don’t have a good enough ground surface its time to provide supports so it can be printed.

In the image we have layers of the last project, as you can see without supports its suicide, so we need then!

How to set the correct type of support?

To set the right one just analyse the project position on the table, if the project have parts “in air” use supports everywhere, if it just doesn’tĀ have a good ground touching area then put it on ->touching buildplate =].

activate sups - 3D printing projects

layers no supports - 3D printing projects

In this project, cut in a mid section, we can see the real importance of that resource, the blue layers are the supports:
working sups - 3D printing projects

Here we have the ready for print supports:
ready sups - 3D printing projects

Now you knowĀ someĀ basic stuff to understand if your project will beĀ a nice print or a little disaster that will have you clean “plastic spagetti” off your bed, so have fun and make good prints!

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