3dprinting after care package

3D printer after care Package

As you all are aware not every print that you make comes out perfect , maybe its stuck to the bed , has a few bits of stray plastic , the holes are not the right size , so you need an easy way of fixing your prints with this 3D printer tools:

In the postbag comes a USB 3D Print Tool – Which I must say is pretty impressive

Its is packaged well and has a good specification

  • What do you get

DSCF0222 - 3D printer toolsDSCF0223 - 3D printer tools

  • A USB Device (by all appearances a soldering iron) 5V 8W
  • 4 Tips
  • Consisting of a Knife Tip , Needle Tip , Point Tip , Scoop Tip , a stand

Plug it into a USB port and hey presto it should heat up to 300c  (572F) in less than 15 seconds , with a maximum temperature of 450c (842F),Fast cool down in less than 30 seconds , And if you forget and leave it turned on it will go to sleep after 25 seconds.

It has a touch switch and a indicator light., its pretty small , very light and I think it is a useful addition to the 3D Printers arsenal of tools.

How do you use the tool

Having played about with the tool I find it easy to use and realised it can do more than just fixing bad prints and making holes bigger , you can actually sculpt with the hot end , and one of my favourite jobs is to help nuts and other metal parts embed into the plastic.

The Knife Tip  3D printer tools

knife - 3D printer tools This is great for removing brims and rafts

The Needle Tip  – 3D printer tools

needle - 3D printer tools Fantastic for enlarging holes

The Point Tip – 3D printer tools

point - 3D printer tools Use this for enhancing details on your print

The Scoop Tip – 3D printer tools

scoop - 3D printer tools Use this for cleaning out or smoothing rounded parts that have little straggling edges.

The guys who designed this little tool have thoughtfully provided a link to download a part you can print to use with them/thing:1185681

project_update6_preview_featured - 3D printer tools

Click on the picture to go to thingiverse

My Thoughts

A nice neat well packaged tool , small enough to keep close at hand , good value and it works well.

DSCF0224 - 3D printer tools

DSCF0225 - 3D printer tools Quite a few items on a raft – This lot has been stuck on the raft for about a week – and still the tool got them off – I did not take very long either.

DSCF0226 - 3D printer tools

Where can I get one

I am looking at supplying from the new Drakkn Custom Shop website when it is ready or you can buy direct from MODIFI3D where they show a list of stockists.


My thanks to modifi3d for sending me their tool for review and some of the photo’s from their website

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