Makergear M2

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Makergear M2
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The MAKERGEAR M2 printer is built on a solid steel chassis – a detail that gives it a reliable and sturdy structure. Thanks to the solid construction, Makergear owners unanimously praise the solid engineering and have called it “bulletproof” or “built like a tank” thanks to high precision rails and quality components.Equipped with a heated platformakergear-m2m for using PLA or ABS filaments within a 203 × 254 × 203 mm build volume, the M2 is also a versatile 3D Printer that comes pre-assembled. Users can further tweak the machine to their liking with onboard controls, interchangeable nozzles, and dual-extruder upgrade. The printer is not plug ‘n’ play, however, and some previous experience in 3D printing comes in handy to take advantage of the printer’s full potential. It´s price should be in the area of  $ 1,825 and up.

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  1. admin says

    I would love to buy me one of these! <3

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