Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo

Fashion and 3D printing: Print your own clothes.

Would you like to make some 3d printing clothes?

It´s not surprising to read that clothing has become an essential way to express ourselves freely, but have you ever thought about what does it involves? Yes, we are able to send messages to the people through what we wear, just take a look about what people use to say:

“If you want to look like a professional person, wear a suit”.

“If you want to look like a sophisticated person, wear a pinstriped scarf”.


In resume: clothes not only cover our intimate parts like Adam and Eva did. Clothes define us!

That’s why nowadays we would like to wear custom clothes, with unique patterns and fully customized designs, or what is even more original: clothes made by ourselves!

Designers already know the change that 3d printing clothes are bringing in all manufacturing processes, they don’t want to stay behind. Some of the results below:

Danit Peleg project; Danit is a design’s student at Shenkar School in Tel Aviv (Israel). She created a fashion collection 100% made with 3D printing technology in her home using only RepRap printers (and a lot of Israeli creativity).


Dani Peteleg Project - 3d printing clothes
Dani Peteleg Project  – 3d printing clothes

Cool, isn’t it?


She used several sheets of FilaFlex a malleable and soft filament; Dani worked for more than 2000 hours to print her dresses, finally she managed to have five sets with cool geometric patterns that includes:

And now, The Spanish girl Rocío Izquierdo just put back up the words:

Fashion and 3D printing


Thanks to her fashion collection called: “Darkness”, she also used the FilaFlex filaments as its raw material. Even though her “Darkness” collection are only fashion accessories, Rocío says his next “Darkness” collection will be fully made with 3D printing technology.


Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo - 3d printing clothes
Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo – 3d printing clothes

She knew this technology on her design school and starts using SolidWorks Software; met a lot of great projects since prosthetic devices to footwear, and thanks to the truthful support of her family and team members of Relieves3D, she began the production of this magnificent “Darkness collection”.


Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo - 3d printing clothes
Darkness collection by Rocío Izquierdo – 3d printing clothes

¿What kind of clothes would you like to 3D print?


-Answer in the comments.

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