Evan Kale should be on your YouTube watch list

YouTube’s many sides

I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration. This just means I spend too much time on YouTube. I recently came across Evan Kale and without a doubt he is a creator everyone should follow. While searching for topics to write about I often end up surfing YouTube. That is one reason the current state of YouTube bothers me so much.

If you are a small channel you are going to be hard pressed to grow the way you would have just a few years ago. This effects viewers just as much as creators. Often you won’t even see small channels unless you spend a long time surfing the weird side of YouTube. That’s where I come in. If I’m going spend hours at a time i might as well spread the wealth when I find it.

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Evan Kale in his natural habitat.

Evan Kale

I’ll let his words tell you who he is. “I break stuff. All things Arduino, guitar, ukulele, MIDI, mods, music, explosions, and hacks (but not life hacks, because I suck at life).” His channel is a mix of solid engineering and comedy. If you are in the mood to laugh or want to learn something you can’t go wrong. I personally want to help his channel grow so he will post more often.

That is the downside. He only has about 50 videos on his whole channel. you will run out of content fast if you sit down and watch a few at a time.

Fidget Controller

This Is the sort of Mad Engineering that happens when you lose your mind and let your comments section design a project. What follows is comedy gold and a nightmare of earth shattering proportions. Please keep all your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, should you need to spew aim away from your keyboard. I am not responsible for any life altering changes brought on by viewing the following video.


If you are still reading this, I’m not sorry. Ok maybe a little but you could have stopped watching at any time. Ok all jokes aside. This video is both insane and awesome. It’s not often you find a channel this entertaining. But what do you guys think? Are you going to give this guy a subscribe? Did I waste 10 minutes of your life? Let me know below.

Film Editing With Evan Kale

Ok I had to throw this one in as well. I bought the Blipper from his etsy page and will soon be trying it out on videos I make. So, look forward to terrible content from me.

Ok no need to Riot I will stop posting YouTube videos for now. If you guys like this format where I find less well-known YouTube creators and Shine a light on their channels let me know and I will continue with something weekly or monthly.

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