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Evan Kale should be on your YouTube watch list

I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration. This just means I spend too much time on YouTube. I recently came across Evan Kale and without a doubt he is a creator everyone should follow. While searching for topics to write about I often end up surfing YouTube. That is one reason the current state of YouTube bothers me so much.

Best Youtube Maker’s you have to be subscribed right now

Learn to Build Things Whether you're a beginner or an old school maker I'm sure you'll find some Youtube Maker's worth it subscribed. I love...

Tiko 3D Printer: Kickstarter Gem or Lemon?

Among the world of Kickstarter 3D printers, the Tiko 3D printer is one that has made a large impression on backers,  and has held...
Anton Månsson

An interview with Anton Månsson of 3D Print – Tech Design

I recently stumbled upon a YouTuber called  3D Print Tech Design  (Anton Månsson). His channel  explains Gcodes, shows how to separate different file formats,...