My life on a 3D printing Startup

My life on a 3D printing startup

I never thought when finishing my school. I would been working on my passion a 3d printing startup founded by me and a couple friends

There were many years of study, sacrifice and struggle to achieve my degree. Finally I got it and I graduated as a computer engineer with an honorific metion.

Then with some friend who share my passion for 3D printing technology, we decided to embark on the world of Startups and we founded “Ingenia3D” a 3d printing startup. But I’m not going to speak a lot of my startup, perhaps I leave it for another post.

Ingenia3D - 3d printing startup
Ingenia3D a 3d printing startup

Now, I’m going to tell you my experience since I decide to choose this path…

Let´s face it, many people has this fever for making business or at least it is in my country.

 But, Why? Where it comes such a need to found a company?

People constantly sees first the end of the road thinking, if I open a business I will have billions of dollars, a lot of children now have a lot of money, I have twice experience  I can make it!

We got carried away by the environment but, in the battle we are afraid. Let me tell you this: if you choose the path of being an entrepreneur, you will suffer as never in your life.

  • Sleepless hours.
  • Hours of planning things.
  • Contracts will fall.
  • Annoying people.
  • Eating very little.
  • Invest a lot.

Don´t misunderstand me, if you survive all that, believe me the effort will worth it. It will not come alone, you need to always execute viable projects that can generate revenues, turn your passion in to something that you can live.

I know, is hard I’m not going to lie you. You will feel constantly the necessity of leaving the boat, try to find a job, live like a normal person. I call this point “the grim reaper” When you lose the way and your propose is when all your projects are destined to fail.

I´m going to tell you a phrase that  one person told me long time ago, an incredible person named Miguel Nieva  country manager of one of the  Startups I most admire here in Mexico.

Ingenia3D - 3d printing startup
Ingenia3D 3d printing startup

 People will crash, but don’t make the projects do.

A person will always get up again, you always are going to give more, no matter the beating of life in front of us we can always return to stand and continue projects once the project dies emotion there is no turning back.

On Ingenia3D we are a small Startup, we are no more than 4 people working hard to educate our city, so they know all the advantages of 3D printing, we constantly training us, searching for new opportunities and new markets that we can dominate.

We know that there’s a lot of competence, in our city we are the only Startup of 3D printing but the people always choose the traditional media, people are scared of technology. That’s why our principal mission is education. We want all the people look the potential that can be achieved with this technology and we want to help them.

Our motto is design it and together we can make it possible, a mantra that I repeat myself every day to continue working.  I believe in our projects, in our Startup and I know that patiently our effort will succeed.



Tell me what projects are you working for?

Perhaps we could collaborate!

Are you working on a Startup and you are afraid?

Contact me and let me help you!

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