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The Tantillus Part 2 Get Organised

The Tantillus Part 2 Get Organised

So you have got your work area clean tidy and safe ,all of your tools,your hardware , printed parts and laser cut parts.If you are struggling to get anything have a look on this UK website .

For our build we are going to make a Tantillus with a Laser cut acrylic frame in a lovely florescent green which I made earlier , the 3d printed parts which I printed in a nice bright orange.

All of the vitamins (The nuts and bolts etc) and the electronics plus an endless supply of patience and coffee.

Firstly check you have all of the parts from the Bill of Materials which is included in the file that you should have downloaded from the previous blog post.

The Frame – Tantillus

Panels 1& 2

Starting with the rear and right panels slip one of the corner connectors over the corner

Panel 3

Proceed to attach the left panel in the same manner.

Panel 4

Note that the small hole in the front panel goes on the right side

Bearings – Tantillus

  1. Install two 608 bearings in each of the the rear bearings holes and slide the top corner connectors over them.
  2. Install two 608 bearings in each of the the front bearings holes and slide the top corner connectors over them temporarily.

X/Y Axis – Tantillus

The Hotend

Insulate bare leads of resistor with Kapton tape leaving about 10 mm bare.

Resistor_01 - Tantillus

Prepare the thermistor by insulating the bare leads with Kapton tape leaving 20 mm bare.

Thermistor_01 - Tantillus

Wrap the heater block in two layers  Kapton tape

Kapton_01 - Tantillus

Remove Kapton tape from larger holes for resistor with a sharp knife

Kapton_02 - TantillusKapton_03 - Tantillus

Insert resistor into large opening of the hot end ,it is very important to have a good fit.

Do not force it in , if the resistor is peanut shaped or a loose fit you will need to wrap the center 10 mm of the resistor with a layer of tin foil.

Resistor_02 - Tantillus

Bend the resistor leads up and away from the heater block

Resistor_03 - Tantillus

Cut two slits in the Kapton tape covering the small hole for the thermistor and lift the flaps.

Thermistor_02 - Tantillus

Insert glass bead of thermistor in opening

Thermistor_03 - Tantillus

Wrap the entire heater block with four to five layers of Kapton tape to secure the resistor and thermistor as well as insulate the block.

Kapton_04 - TantillusKapton_05 - Tantillus

Carriage – Tantillus


Z Axis


Part 3 will concentrate on setting up your printer – which is a dark art in itself.

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