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How Does an FDM Printer Work?

FDM printers draw the filament from the spool into a heated block and nozzle called an extruder and melts it to a liquid.
D100 Ubox 1

Kelant Orbeat D100 DLP 3D Printer Review

Looking for an inexpensive entry level DLP 3D Printer? Check this out...

The best Free software for 3d printing and modeling 2018

What free software can I get? "Can I get X free software?" I Either see this asked or get asked this on an almost daily...

Kelant Orbeat D100 Resin 3D Printer First Impressions

Two machines have been taking up a lot of my time recently. My Glowforge laser cutter is the first, my brand new resin printer...

Zcatch The nozzle removal tool

Zcatch a new tool for your trade or a solution without a problem? Normally I don't support custom one use tools. This is a case where one could make an argument though so that's what I'm here to do.

Fingerprinting 3D Printers using Commodity Scanners

The University at Buffalo has come up with a way to track prints back to the owner. They call it PrinTracker. They use a...
open source

Creality’s Ender-3 3D Printer Turns fully Open Source!

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality3D announces the open-sourcing of its most popular 3D printer, the Ender-3 via Youtube.
Play tunes on 3d printer

How to make your 3DPrinter Sing

The Internet is an amazing place. And we can find all sort of content related to 3DPrinting. Most of the printers can be controlled with...
Da Vinci Junior Review

XYZ Da Vinci Junior 1.0 – Long Term Impressions

See the Pros and Cons of the Da Vinci Junior 1.0
Tevo Michelangelo

Tevo Michelangelo 3D Printer Review

We take the Tevo's newest 3D printer, the small sized Tevo Michelangelo, for a test drive to see how well it performs.
Atelier Logo

Lays, 3DPrinting and Campus Party Brazil 11

Hello =D At Week of 31/01 to 04/02 the 11th edition of Campus Party Brazil took place. Campus Party is the biggest technology event that...
The Mystery Machine Cults Cars

The Mystery Machine And Classic Car Models That You Can Print!

Probably this post will make you nostalgic. I hope so. =D Today I'm going down the memory lane and writing a list of classic...