XYZ printing showed off the da Vinci Color 5D at CES 2020

XYZ printing showed off the da Vinci Color 5D at CES 2020

CES 2020 has come and gone, so now we can take time to talk about some exciting technology that was overshadowed at the latest consumer electronics show that held in Las Vegas.

XYZprinting revealed an upgraded da Vinci Color 5D, which is an FFF color 3D printer combined with a standard color inkjet printer.

The printer got its name coined from an innovative combination of a 3D printer and a traditional ‘2D’ printer (3D + 2D = 5D). It’s not some kind of time or dimension-bending printer, in actual fact, it is simply a combination of a 3D and a 2D printer

The Color 3D printer boasts some clever inkjet tech which allows the printer to apply CMYK ink to a PLA material capable of absorbing color, so your 3D-printed items come out in just the colors you designed them within your favorite 3D software. XYZprinting notes that intricate color detailing is possible with the new da Vinci Color 5D

The da Vinci Color 5D is an inkjet and FFF/FDM 3D printer, equipped with laser engraving capabilities and 2D printing module for paper printing. The machine was on display at the XYZprinting booth (#31515) located in the South Hall 3 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

XYZ printing showed off the da Vinci Color 5D at CES 2020
(Image credit: XYZprinting)

Further functionality is possible as the device has a quick-release extruder, letting the user switch in a laser engraver add-on, or hardened steel nozzle (the latter enables printing with materials such as carbon fiber and metallic PLA filaments). In the case of the former, materials that can be engraved upon include leather, wood, cardboard, and plastic.

So one way or another, there’s a hell of a lot of flexibility here, and it’s not surprising to hear that this device scooped a CES 2020 Innovation Award.

The XYZprinting da Vinci Color 5D is set to go on sale in early 2020 and will set you back $3,999 (around £3,000), with ink cartridges costing $69.95 (around £55). You’ll be able to buy it directly from the manufacturer.


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