Zcatch The nozzle removal tool

Zcatch an easier way to change Nozzles.

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This could make nozzel swaps much easier.

Zcatch a new tool for your trade or a solution without a problem? Normally I don’t support custom one use tools. This is a case where one could make an argument though so that’s what I’m here to do. For most people, a 1/4 socket and a self-adjusting nut *cough* rounder will do the trick and likely will continue to do so. I have more than a few 3d printers and find myself having to clean or replace nozzles often enough that I’ve wanted to find a simple solution that won’t mar up my heat blocks or bend heat breaks. Have you ever lost a 1.4 socket? I swear they run off with my 10mm the moment I turn my back. The point is having a tool for a job can be great if you have the need. This almost fits the bill and I’ll explain later but let’s get to the tool.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCdxlU6AyRo]

This is a pretty novel Ideal. Zcatch would make it easy to swap nozzles and while that isn’t a real chore if you do it often enough it seems worthwhile. The Zcatch Kickstarter was not fully funded but the official website is taking pre-orders so I bought one. We will see what it turns out like but I don’t expect it to fail. I do see some things that I feel are flawed. There isn’t really much grip. Zcatch looks very streamlined but I expect that small knob to be taught to turn should you have a stuck nozzle. They did showcase a rounded heat block but most heat blocks these days are square so I can see them having little issues sliding around. What do you guys think? Worth 30$ or is the old ways still best?  I’ll Update this when mine arrives.

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