Stratasys Launches Open-source Software Platform

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Stratasys today announced the launch of a 3D printing platform that gives users tools to manage production-scale 3D print operations.
The open software platform is designed to accommodate the requirements of 3D printing from design down to production,

enabling users to operate a large number of 3D printers across various locales, automate materials management, monitor output quality.

By launching the GrabCAD additive manufacturing platform,

Stratasys has integrated GrabCAD Print to ease the workflow between design and 3D preparation.

GrabCAD would let orders be managed from a single location:

and nGrabCAD manager that ensures the management of fleets of 3D printing systems,

this is where users will be able to view and control schedules.

The GrabCAD Software Development Kit, meanwhile, adds APIs, documentation, code samples and support integration with enterprise IT

, as well as third-party applications for account management, asset management

, planning and order management, security, quality management and analytics.
Stratasys has made the platform open to any software vendor that meets performance testing and references requirements via an SKD licensing fee and has added Teton Simulation, AMFG, Link3D and dozens of more partners since the start of 2021.

A Growing database of Users

GraCAD AM currently sees use by more than 38,000 application users,3,000 workflow users, 20,000 3D printers,

with more features waiting tobe added come early 2022,
Stratasys trusts that its latest software development will support users in attaining production scale additive manufacturing with fleets of 3D printers.

“We see manufacturers moving their 3D printing operations from the lab to the production floor and that significantly boosts operational requirements for everything from productivity to quality assurance,” says Nadav Goshen, Executive Vice President of Software for Stratasys.

“The GrabCAD AM Platform, our enterprise software stack primarily for 3D printing, can be a stimulant for the expansion of the additive manufacturing software market.

It allows customers to effectively manage ever larger and more complex operations to produce consistent,

high-quality production parts at scale.

This is a crucial part of our aim to digitally transform manufacturing operations around the world.”

Source: Business wire , yahoo

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