10 Places To Get Free 3D-Printing Files

10 3d model platforms to get free designs to print!

Well like I said in my last post, 3d printing isn’t only to print Eiffel Towers, and Thigiverse isn’t the only website that you can find 3d models to print there are more 3d model platforms to discover.
Today I’m going to list 10 places that you can download 3d-models. =) And you always have our website where you can upload and download freely at
Let’s begin!

1 – Thingiverse / 3d model platforms

Obviously the first site that you heard when you start work with 3dprinters and ask in the groups or forums about it where download 3d models, the first answer that you probably get is Thingverse.

Thingiverse - 3d model platforms

A few months ago I use some models from Thingiverse to print, like a model of the Tardis of Doctor Who and the Millenium Falcon, was good prints and the models didn’t have any errors. But you need to check the meshes to confirm if the model is ok to print. =)

2 – My Mini Factory /3d model platforms

Well, after a few minutes searching and meeting this site I have fallen in love. I search for models of Tardis and found a lot of models, different models that I had found on my search’s on Thingverse. I found this model of a bookends with Tardis themes and definitely enter on the list of things to print.
It’s easy to make an account and search models. Definitely is a good website to keep on the favorites. =)

3 – You Imagine /3d model platforms

Well, You Imagine appears to me that they only have a small database of models with the searches that I did, in comparison with My Mini Factory and Thingiverse.

Your Imagine - 3d model platforms
You Imagine

4 – Autodesk 123D / 3d model platforms

My first impression with 123D by Autodesk is that this site have a good database and realistic models to 3dprints. The models on my search are very realistics, and the website have a good presentation of the models.

AutoDesk / 3d model platforms
AutoDesk 123D

5 – Yeggi / 3d model platforms

Yeggi did’nt capture my intrest when I loaded the website, the design of the website is poor. Yeggi is a search engine for 3dmodels, so the results that it gives to you is the models and the origin of them.

snapshot18 / 3d model platforms

6 – Yobi3D / 3d model platforms

Well, Yobi3D is also a search engine to 3dmodels, but in comparison with Yeggi, the design and the way that the models is loaded and are show up to the user, is very good. And this website give’s me good results with models that appears have good quality from a good variety of websites.

Yobbi / 3d model platforms
Yobi 3D

7 – Cg-trader / 3d model platforms

Cg-trader is a good website if you are rich. It appears that most of the models needs payments to download.

CgTrader / 3d model platforms

8 – GrabCad / 3d model platforms

GrabCad is more focused in Cad files to engineers. People that like to print and test mechanical parts could use this site to help and see the models.

G / 3d model platforms

9 – Smithsonian X 3D / 3d model platforms

When you hear about Smithsonian what is the first thing that you think of? To me is that they work with archeology. And this site have a lot of that. A lot of sculptures of dinosaurs and ancient things to be downloaded and printed.

Smithsonian X 3D - 3d model platforms
Smithsonian X 3D – View on the website

10 – Cults / 3d model platforms

On the first look, Cults appears to be a good website to download models, is very good the presentation, and most of the models have pictures of the models printed. I love the purple color of the site <3

If you are starting or already have a good experience with 3d models, always check if the models from this websites have pictures to show the model printed and check on your favorite program if the meshes are ok to 3D-Print.

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