Bolt partners with SprintRay to improve dental care accesiility globally as their global ambassador

Usain Bolt Partners with SprintRay

California-based 3D printing startup SprintRay, famous for its DLP SLA 3D printers, as well as its Pro-Desktop 3D printer for digital dentistry applications, is adding extra speed to its sprint. The startup disclosed a multi-year dental-focused collaboration with 8-time Olympic medalist Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world.
This partnership aims to make high-quality dental care accessible globally, especially in the track star’s home country of Jamaica.
Bolt is the only sprinter to win Olympic 100 metres and 200 meters medals at three consecutive Olympics 2008,2012 and 2016, and is now sprintRay’s Global Ambassador for the next half-decade.

Bolt and Sprintway are working in tandem with the Jamaica Dental Association to invest in an Initiative supported by SprintRay,” aimed at the easy access to digital dentistry to individuals residing in Jamaica.

The Bolt Foundation founded by Usain Bolt along with the SprintRay Foundation plans to launch Bolt Labs, powered by the SprintRay initiative, and also set up dental clinics as well as a mobile unit and 3D dental labs, to meet the dental needs of adults as well as children,

and also people living in the more remote areas of Jamaica.

Bolt alongside doctors and industry leaders attended SprintRay’s inaugural 3D Next summit last week in Miami Florida, and also participated as a Keynote Speaker.
The fastest man in the world as its brand ambassador is not the only thing SprintRay introduced this month.

Racing to greater innovations

SprintRay 3d printer

The MedTech startup also launched its ProCure 2, as the latest item in what Sprintwat tags

” The world’s fastest dental 3D printing system.” The ProCure is noted to be able to, for the first time,

Allow an hour chairside workflow in dental offices, as it can supposedly post-process most parts in five minutes,

which is more times faster than the previous system.
The new proCure 2 is 25 times more powerful than its predecessor, and also provides easy-to-use pre-programmed cure profiles as well.
Furthermore, the startup also launched SprintRay On, the first “fully radiopaque restorative 3D printed resin.” according to Sprintray.

With a highly condensed ceramic content along with a combination of translucency and opacity to copy and reproduce an individual’s natural dentition,

the new resin is said to be extremely stylish and easy to characterize.

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