The 3D printed Future Fusion Peak3D sneaker

PEAK launches 3D printed sneakers

3D printing is increasingly popular among footwear manufacturers. Some firms, like New Balance, even go as far as mass production. Recently, PEAK, a Chinese company that manufactures sporting goods since 1989, amused us when marketing the first fully printed 3D shoes. Until then, the big names of sportswear, Nike with its Alphaedge 4D or Reebook with the Liquid Speed ​​model, depended mainly on the manufacture of additives to make lattice-shaped midsoles.

Beyond the limits of personalization, the FUTURE FUSION PEAK3D shoes are distinguished by the presence of a printed upper part in 3D.

Traditionally, this part of the shoe that covers the foot is made according to the weaving methods.

3d printed sneackers
MIB International campaign.

To create the transparent mesh effect from the top, the Chinese manufacturer would have used a 3D printer FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and TPU filaments of three different colors. The same material was used for the sole, but going through Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.

In the past, the company introduced pairs of partially printed 3D sneakers for volleyball and basketball. According to Nanjixiong, China’s leading 3D print media, the first 600 pairs of the new FUTURE FUSION PEAK3D shoes were briefly available at the company’s online store on July 5. Sold at a price of 1,299 yuan (about 190 dollars), the shoes sold out in seconds.

3s printed shoes

Two years ago, Xu Zhihua, CEO of PEAK, spoke of his ambitions: “As a new technology for prototyping and processing, 3D printing is of great importance for Chinese sports brands.” Following the introduction of the 3D printing running shoe and the 3D basketball shoe, the brand plans to apply 3D printing to more products in the future, offering consumers innovative products. Our goal is to make PEAK the first professional sports brand in the world through continuous innovation and continuous expansion in international markets. “

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