Family 3D prints a Sports car inspired by Lamborghini Aventador

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Sterling Backus, American physicist, is together with his son, and for more than a year, printing in 3D a supercar full-size inspired by the spectacular model Lamborghini Aventador. He does this in his own backyard and garage and has already invested around 20,000 dollars in the project.

3d printed lamborghini replica

Except for the chassis, the engine, the transmission and certain parts such as the interior structure of the door, the car and its complete body were printed in 3D, with a total of 220 thermoplastic coils.

3d printed lamborghini replica

The body panels, the taillights, the headlights and even the air vents are now ready. In addition, Backus encapsulated in carbon fiber some of the printed parts, to ensure greater safety when driving the car.

According to Sterling, it is an educational and motivating project, since he wants to show his car in local schools so that children are interested in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

lamborghini aventador repplica

Also, he considers that although the design of his supercar is based on the Lamborghini Aventador, it is not about plagiarism or piracy. “We have changed each panel significantly, to add our style to the design,” Backus revealed to the 3D Printing Media Network. “Also, no molds are made, and no part is for sale, this is a unique project, and not for sale,” he insisted.

Here’s a video with more details about this awesome Father and Son project:

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