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How much to Charge?

Calculating 3d printing service price 

The market of 3d printers are getting new horizons and giving a lot of opportunities for every person that have one at work, home etc. Everything is great up until a customer comes with the great question : “HOW much….?”

Well, the answer is inside your calculator! Lets see it in detail:

There are 3  3d printing service price that 3d printer owners can offer so take a look at the List:

The Formulas was made by Daniel Faegnell so I cannot take credit for them 🙂

3D Printing Service Price  – 3D MODELING (PH

Most of the customers just don’t know how to create 3d projects based on their desires so we can provide it for them =], the best and simplest way is to charge the customer per hour! Yeah just like a parking service! So the doubt now is how to determine the hourly rates, right ? Well thats quite simple so here we go.

Take your monthly bills and divide by working days of a month usually 20, after that you need to add your profit Say you want to make 20 on top of the bills per hour Would look kinda like this B/20+P=PH   B= Bills P=Profit PH=Per hour

3D Printing Service Price  – STL CLEANING/REPAIR (C)

It just use the same formula as above but with a small change, this service is so much easier than the last we saw so the price per hour may decrease here, for this service you must see the file first so you can give the estimated final price in hours of service =]. Here you just take the above Per hour equation and estimate the hours +/- 20%  PH*H = C +/-20% H= hours C= Total Cost

3D Printing Service Price – PRINTING SERVICE (PS Cost)

So here it gets abit more tricky, but just take the cost of energy and print maintenance plus your profit tax to get the price per hour of printing!


ECH = check cost per watt and how much is used per hour to get this number

PHR = Printer Hourly rates, normally you just see how many hours your printer is able to print without maintenance or parts switching and estimate an hourly cost for a new printer based on maximum hours.

F = Cost for the Filament needed

PSH = Printer Service Hours The hours the printer will be on and functioning for that print.  

DF = Detail Finishing based on level of detailing id go with a set price based on  above PH*H = C +/-20%

PH = The above PH rates for all side work like handling shipping speaking to client so on.     

– About the Filament?!

Well, most of time we just don’t charge the customer for it unless it’s a special type or if the order asks for something that we just don’t have in reserve. The big reason for that is the cost of it on the final account. Some people even charges half a roll or per roll to clients as set prices no matter size.

By the way here is a great example of a charge calculator for 3d-printing service, its in portuguese but nothing too hard to understand and use =] :

The “Cammada” is a startup with focus on selling printer services for everyone that don’t have a 3d-printer in Brazil.

Have fun and good prints!

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