Dynamo3D One Pro Unboxing & First Print

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This is an unboxing of the Dynamo3D One Pro 3D printer. This machine was sent to me to review and make awesome videos with, all will be revealed soon! Three days after I was notified of shipping this HUGE wooden crate turned up at my door, it weights just under 50kg and was just insane! After getting out the drill and taking out the screws it was time to remove the beauty of a machine, it was extremely well packaged inside with moulded polystyrene to keep the machine from moving about during transit.

So a little about the Dynamo3D One Pro, it has a 210 x 210 x 410 mm build volume, a very thick aluminum heated bed with removable clip on glass top. The hotend is a genuine E3D v6, my machine is the first to offer the 1.75mm hot end which will soon be an option upon ordering. This machine ships with a BondTech extruder and is extremely well designed in terms of fitting the extruder with a simple slide on push fit style slot on the side of the acrylic housing. The whole machine is made of glossy, matte and frosted 6mm lasercut acrylic giving it a very nice solid and expensive feel.


For the internals the machine has a 3 inch full colour touch screen panel and offers WIFI capabilities meaning no more messing around with SD cards, just connect to the machines hot spot or connect it to your router and upload directly, you can also monitor the prints completion percentages, change the speed, temperature or anything else remotely and in see your changes in real time.

The first time leveling the build plate was a breeze due to its three point leveling and touch control hot end movement, no more disabling steppers and pushing it around by hand.

Once the plate was level and the filament was inserted it was time for a first print! I chose the ‘Knight Of Egypt’ file from Thingiverse and scaled it to 150%, it was printed at a 200 micron (0.2mm) layer height at 100mm/s print speed, a 20% infill and printed in only 4.5 hours in Filamentive red RPLA!

The outcome out the print was extremely good, it was sliced using Simplify3d with custom support but still could have used a few extras especially under the chin where there was a little drooping. For such a high print speed the z axis wobble was almost non existent which was very pleasing to see, I am excited to see how the machine holds up to its stated 450mm/s print speed.

Watch my whole unboxing and first setup video here:

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  1. [email protected] says

    Looks like a great printer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. PRATAP says

    Awesome Product. Great Invention.

  3. mperkins37 says

    sounds like a decent machine, thanks fir the info

  4. Richard Bynum says

    Nice printer! It’s nice that it comes with a glass clip-on for the heated bed, and a nice touchscreen! Those are some good looking prints. So did it hold up to the printing speed?

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