Calidum HALE Heated Bed – Review

Printit Industries Heatbed Review

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First Impressions of the Heatbed

Printit Industries reached out to us to see if we wanted to test out their Heated bed. I always like to promote US made products when I can, so I offered to review the heater. The Calidum HALE Mica-based heated print bed Is an interesting design. Printit Industries put a lot of thought into the way it is laid out.

The corners are cut so you can use metal for inductive sensors to the 3m adhesive keeping any cool spots from happening due to the heater bowing away. It’s even rated to 200c. I only pushed it to 120c.

Calidum HALE Heated Bed

The machine

I used my Franken Prusa I3. It has an aluminum build surface and an E3d titan extruder. It’s a 4-year-old I3 clone from China that I keep bringing back from the dead. This machine is my go-to for testing. If it can make Franks a better printer it will perform well on any printer.

First heatCalidum HALE Heated Bed

I am quite impressed with just how much of a difference it made to the old machine. I was still using the old PCB heaters. It was bound to be an improvement. It is on par with some silicone heater mats I have used in the past. Time will tell about longevity, but I am impressed with how quickly it managed to heat the aluminum.

I set it to 100c and timed the heat up. It took just over 3 minutes to reach that temp. Which is within the claims from Printit Industries Datasheet. I think mine took a little longer because it was aluminum and not just glass. My old PCB would sometimes take 15 minutes to heat up to that temp.

Calidum HALE Heated Bed

Overall Performance

I printed out 2 ABS prints and a Wood PLA print to see if any of them pealed up during printing. My results might vary from yours because I use buildtak but even that won’t save an abs print all the time. There was almost no fluctuation in temperature. A 5-degree drop in temp can cause prints to warp right off the bed and it never even moved more than 1-degree +-.Calidum HALE Heated Bed

Pros and Cons

This was sent for review but that doesn’t Change how I review products. You will always get an honest review of anything sent my way. With that said I don’t have much negative to say about this heater. I will give you what I think though.


  • Easy Installation, Peal the 3m backing off the heater and stick it to the bottom of the build surface. Then just connect the wires to your control board and you are done. Black to power and ground. White to heat sensor and you are ready to print.
  • Heats very fast and very consistently.
  • Very lightweight. If you have a Prusa or other style printer with a bed that moves on the Y this could help with some of the wobble issues. It heats as good as a silicone heater at a 10th the weight. This is by far the best thing about this heater imo.


  • Price. At almost 50$us this is a spendy bed heater. For my Prusa clone, it’s a bit much. If you must have a heated bed that performs flawlessly. This is worth it and Franken Prusa is now like that Honda you spent way too much money on lol.
  • Modularity. Because the 3m adhesive is part of the plate you really can’t change it out. If you ever swap build surfaces, it’s not coming off without a fight.

Final Thoughts

I will be buying another one of these soon for another printer I own. I like how this works and how consistent it is. They use quality materials, so this should last a long time. I will update this post if that turns out not to be the case, however. If you plan to replace your heater or add one this is one of the best options on the market. For non-integrated Heatbeds.



You may buy it Here

Calidum HALE Heated Bed – 8″ x 8″ for 3D Printers


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  1. Jon Acosto ( says

    looking good.

  2. Michael says

    Looks like a good buy when I get a printer

  3. Richard Bynum says

    Sounds really nice! They thought of everything in advance. Kind of a high price but after Christmas, I might have some extra money to look into buying one. Thanks!

    1. Nathan Cox says

      They don’t disappoint.

  4. Tom Baxter says

    Looks like a good buy, just not for me. Yet… I only have a MPSM v1 and I could not justify spending that much on an upgrade for it. I didn’t realize how quickly I would outgrow the mini, so I will keep this upgrade in mind for my next printer. Thanks for another honest review.

  5. Tom Baxter says

    Also, Can I just say. I love that you named your printer “Franken Prusa” lol

    1. Nathan Cox says

      As a Mad Engineer, I can’t let Franks Stay dead long. He has had more parts replaced than a Cougar in Hollywood. The name just stuck after a while.

  6. Kordris says

    Wouldn’t mind having one of these on my printer also..

  7. Adam Davis says

    Glad I came back to this article and scrolled ALL the way down, I found the specs.

  8. Cody says

    I have a glass print bed with no metal under to distribute heat. The silicone heater pad I’m using only heats well in the center of the plate. Does this, itself heat more evenly across its entire surface? If so, this is my replacement. Thanks.

    1. Nathan Cox says

      I don’t own a Thermal camera so I can’t say for certain but I did print all over the bed to see if I could find cold spots using abs filament. I never had any lift off the bed. My old PCB heater would always have a part peal up if it was printed in a corner.

  9. Susan says

    I’ve liked heated beds since water beds in the 70s!

  10. Keith says

    Mm time to join the forums

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