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Calidum HALE Heated Bed

Calidum HALE Heated Bed – Review

If You are looking to buy a new Heatbed, look no further! You should check out our Reviews here. This Time its the Printit Industries Heat Bed that will be examined from top to bottom.

DIY 3D Printer from scratch – Heated bed

Welcome to 3DPrinterChat.com. This article is part of the DIY 3D Printer from scratch. You will learn a bit more about how the Heated bed works.   What...

Heated bed too slow to heat? check some possible fixes

Is your heated bed slow to heat to the desired temperature? check some tips to decrease the heating time and make your printer more...

Expanding 3D Printing Skills And Getting More Out Of Your 3d Printer

3d Printing as a hobby is great. With so many 3D Printers available these days just about anyone can get one. Maybe you bought...

3D Printer Surface Comparison

Whenever you ask someone or search on the web on what surface you want on your 3D printer's bed you will get heaps and...

Bed auto leveling for 3D Printers

Are you tired of re-calibrating the endstop on the Z axis? Or tightening the screws on the bed every day? See how to install the bed...