3d printed chicken

a 3D chef

a chef that 3d prints all your food

“Hmmm, good soup.”

Nice phrase yeah? Do you know that scene in the spy-kids where the cortex kids were able to Holo-print their food?
Yes, that scene.

In quite a bit you could be 3D printing your food like a chef.
From Eleven Madison Park to the Marea, New York boasts of some of the finest restaurants in the world, and now a new chef is in town- a 3D printer!!

Using 3D printing, The Creative Machines Lab at Columbia university school of engineering and applied science were able to use additive manufacturing to print and cook chicken.

How does this end?
Results coming in proved that with further testing and research,
This technology may be feasible for wide industrial applications.
What is left now is a ‘Food CAD,’ sort of photoshop for food.
According to Professor Hod Lipson, Director of the Creative Machine Lab, “we need a high-level software that allows people who aren’t programmers or software developers to design the food they want.”
And then a place where people can share recipes like we share music.

Already the Creative Machines Lab builds robots capable of self-reflecting,
self-replicating, inquisitive and creative.
with this potential, very soon more advanced results will be seen from this Team of researchers.

How it 3D prints your meal

how is your meal 3D “cooked”?

blue lasers and infrared light with pulsed heating are applied to the meat product and calibrated for an array of parameters including moisture retention, cooking depth and flavour,

Each parameter is carefully analyzed separately and controlled during the research study while keeping to food safety protocols.
majority of testers during the blind taste test preferred the laser cooked meat to regular cooked meat samples.
Mixing 3D printing and software into the cooking process allows for inventive food designs and allows cooks to customize meals with accuracy.

3D printed food isn’t exactly a new thing and has been around since 2007.
But according to the research team, this technology and their experiments can capitalize food supply chains while creating horizontal markets in an ever-expanding industry.

Source:NPJ Science of Food academic journal

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